As I often get asked this question, (and the standard response is pretty much always “everywhere”), I decided to share a couple of designs that I finished last week, inspired by a table!

Sometimes ideas come out of nowhere; a piece of furniture, the colours on a magazine page, the pattern on a man-hole cover; but what’s also interesting is where they go afterwards. The ‘design-development’ can begin on one path, inspired by an idea that then evolves and takes a completely different direction and that’s what’s so exciting about the creative process! Even unused designs are rarely thrown away, but often re-worked, developed in more detail or simply saved for the right moment, revived thanks to newly-found inspiration.

The most important part of designing is to keep feeding the creativity – be it from exhibitions, magazines, the internet, a poster, a cigarette packet, a car wheel….. you never know where the next great idea may come from!

Zoe x






It’s been a while since I posted some new designs so I thought it was time for some new drawings. These pick up where my last post left off – the 1950s – but with a modern twist. The AW13 catwalks hinted at this trend thanks to 50s-inspired designs from, amongst others, Miu Miu, Prada and Rochas.


50s buckle shoe 50s stripe heel


My love for this decade won’t wain and discovering that there is a definite 50s flavour for AW14 has inspired me to put together a little mood board. To get me in the mood, I also listened to some fantastic rockabilly covers by our amazingly-talented friends Billy and the Crazy Dogs (who you can see below and check out on Facebook here)!


50s board

Other decades trending for womenswear next season are the 1960s (esp. houndstooth), 1970s (psychedelic prints and boho references) and the 1940s for its’ Hollywood glamour. Watch this space for some 50s designs coming soon!

Zoe x


This week I have been all over the internet researching shoe manufacturers and bespoke shoemakers and came across an inspirational video of women’s shoe designer, Chie Mihara. Chie was born in Brasil to Japanese parents. She studied fashion in New York, specialising in footwear and bags, before moving to Spain and eventually starting her own label, Chie Mihara. I have always loved her designs, that are not only beautiful and original, but also made with comfort in mind. This video shows that, not only is she good at was she does, she is also passionate about designing shoes and I am full of admiration!

Take a look and maybe it will inspire you too…


Zoe x


1950s for AUTUMN/WINTER 2014?

Yes! Our love for the 1950s continues, having gained ground in recent seasons thanks to shows like Mad Men and Prada’s S/S13 rockabilly and cadillac-inspired collection.

Other key influencers include Rochas, Unique, Ports 1961 and Roksanda Illincic. It seems that for Autumn/Winter there will also be a 1940s ‘siren’ flavour but in the meantime, I couldn’t resist posting this article I found in October’s Gioia magazine….

Ciao! x

50s page1

50s page250s page350s page 4


fiera_linea_pelle_BolognaAs part of my trend research, I always look forward to a visit to Lineapelle, the international leather trade show held twice a year in Bologna. I made my first trip to the fair back in 2002 with a bunch of friends when we were studying footwear at uni,  but I have returned many times since. Being able to look at and feel all the leather samples can be a real source of inspiration and this year I had the added bonus if meeting up with our friends from ‘L’Arlecchino’, who I wrote about in the Summer. I’ve got half an idea to start making my own bits and bobs from leather ad they were full of tips and advice as to how I can get started. Thanks Giorgio and Lella – it’s always a pleasure to chat with you two!!

Anyway, as part of my full, leather-immersion, I also scoured the A/W 2014 trend area and here are some of my observations for Winter next year…

  • Use of neoprene & neoprene meshes.
  • Baroque designs and flocking patterns used on suede.
  • Lots of laser-cut patterns to create delicate, lace-like leathers.
  • Metallic finishes but kept quite matte – coppers, golds and silvers…
  • Quilted patterns created with stitching
  • Geometric shapes and patterns – printed, embossed, stitched, moulded into leathers and fabrics.
  • Embellishments on leathers like studs and jewels. Mixes of studs with laser-cutting.
  • Wooly tweeds, houndstooth and heavy weaves for Winter; blanket checks and tartans.
  • Felted wool – some with metallic finishes.
  • Pinstripes
  • Snake and croc skins, fur and sheepskins.
  • Chocolate browns and neutrals, taupe
  • Deep reds, bright reds and pinks
  • Teals, dark blues and dark greens

Next step? to get some more designs on the go…!

Zoe x



Last weekend, me and the boy paid a much anticipated visit to Brescia for a motorbike fair known as Rombo di Tuono (Rumble of Thunder) and I couldn’t wait to post some of the photos we took there! What I love about the biking community is that they really seem to embrace the 1950s and the whole rockabilly movement, so not only did I come across some awesome custom bikes, but beautifully restored 50s vehicles and some fantastic rockabilly outfits!

Unfortunately, the outfit shots didn’t come out too well but, instead, take a look at these cars, bikes and bags… There are also some more 50s/rockabilly photos on my Instagram page here and I’m also busy working on a ‘rockabilly’ Pinterest board which can you view here

foto 1
Helmet art!
handmade leather motorbike bags
Rock’n’Roll Baby!


Even the wheels were beautiful back then…
foto 5
Pistachio and white
black opaque
1950s with a modern, opaque twist
silver headbanger custom
Matt silver custom by Headbanger
brown custom
Loving the use of brown & rust colours on this custom…


I also came across a very cool shoe brand called Monkey Garage (www.monkeygarage.it). They take simple, styles like sneakers, ballet pumps and platform courts, (made in Italy), and airbrush them into beautiful works of art. You can see more of their work here;

*Image courtesy of www.monkeygarage.it
*Image courtesy of www.monkeygarage.it
*image courtesy of www.monkeygarage.it
*image courtesy of www.monkeygarage.it

Well, that’s all for now but don’t be surprised if you see some more 50s stuff popping up on the blog soon…!

Zoe x




Holidaying in Jesolo, you could be forgiven for thinking that beyond the beach and numerous bars that line the streets, it’s a seaside destination like any other.

But then you stumble upon ‘L’arlecchino’ (The Harlequin), a hidden gem of a shop, selling made-to-measure clogs and beautiful, artisan leather accessories and you realise you have discovered something very special.

Spying the rolled-up skins and sewing machine behind the counter, I was immediately enticed to enter and, upon opening the door, was greeted by a friendly couple and the familiar smell of authentic leather.

Giorgio and Lella have devoted 30 years to their leather business and their skill and passion is evident everywhere you look, from the delicate, wrap-around bracelets, to the hand-crafted, pony-skin bags and wooden sandals that line the walls. Their work is imaginatively displayed; perched on tables and shelves or peeking out from cupboards and trunks and there is a wonderful, vintage vibe adding to the atmosphere.

I left with a beautiful, studded bracelet – a gift from the boy – and the thought firmly planted in my head that this would really be a fantastic job to have…

I hope to return soon, not only to purchase a pair of shoes but to find out more about Giorgio, Lella and their captivating workshop! In the meantime, here is a small selection of the treasures to be found inside L’arlecchino…

Ciao for now,

Zoe x

Address : Via Bafile 145 30016 Jesolo (VE)

Telefone : 0421 92236 / Fax: 0421 92236

E-mail : [email protected]

384829_297706233604469_1468905329_n 390570_297704886937937_2094884075_n 402395_297715393603553_2076382576_n 404350_297714980270261_860216679_n 404916_297708886937537_1624896594_n 405604_297704313604661_1171051784_n 555382_361424823899276_1523589156_n 557636_361425597232532_886216763_n

(All images used with permission from L’Arlecchino)

A little holiday does you good!

So it’s been a while since I last updated my blog. Oops. Stumbled already?! No, it’s just that we’re in full-on Summer here in Italy and sitting in a hot sweaty apartment, typing on my equally hot computer has just not been my priority these past few weeks. It’s like being 16 all over again, shut inside revising for GCSEs when all I wanted to do was to be outside and enjoy the sunshine!

As a result, I have filled every millisecond of free-time with something outdoors! I’ve been swimming, cycling, out on the motorbike, camping by Lake Garda, BBQ-ing, wandering around Trento with an ice-cream and off to Verona for a Spritz…

Most recently, we spent the weekend at the beach in a place not far from Venice called Jesolo and there I met a fantastic couple with a shop of hand-made leather goods. This will surely be my next blog post as it was so inspiring.

Well, I am off to the UK tonight for a cheeky hen-party and, (if I survive), will get going on the next blog page on my return!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend of holidays and sunshine!

Zoe x